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  • Del Conte

    The Del Conte bags are created thanks to the continuous study of the team of designers and craftsmen, always in search of the most glamorous of the moment with respect to quality, beauty, practicality and identification of their own style . The choice of materials and the precision used in the manufacture of the product, as well as to respect for Italian craftsmanship, are our strong points.

  • Gianfranco Sisti

    The production Gianfranco Sisti carries bags of medium-high level, in the traditional Tuscan leather goods. In the nineties, the type of product has been constantly modified. With the acquired knowledge production is revised in a more contemporary perspective and in step with fashion. The constant attention to detail, and finishes confirm the merits of an artisan working with roots in the art Tuscan leather goods.

  • Tuscan's

    Since 1974, Tuscan's collects, interprets and creates handbags and accessories, combining the most ancient traditions of Tuscany leather goods to the most modern production techniques to create a product that blends these values in a timeless mix.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items